Agrotextiles, woven, nonwoven textiles Agrotextile

We deliver two types agrotextiles  - woven, nonwoven - for both
big agriculturists and small gardeners. The agrotextiles are suitable
 for both usage in greenhouses and in the open air.
Agrotextiles are characterized by the following:
   - absorb solar radiation, stop weed growing
   - ensure soil water absorption by the whole soil surface
   - decrease soil water evaporation and keep soil humidity 
   - significantly reduce bed maintenance
   -  resistance against mildew and bacteria
   - UV resistance
Possibilities of usage:
   - public areas and highway downhill arranging
   - growing vegetable and fruit (strawberries, cucumbers, kohlrabies, tomatoes, etc.)
   - garden and park architecture
   - mulching (under mulch and decorative skins, stones)
   - wood chipping (coloured wood chips)
   - precultivation decorative plants and trees
   - orcharding and plant nursery
Woven  agrotextile is a special porous woven  textile of polypropylene slings
  with the high life cycle.  Colour possibilities: black, green, brown, white.
  Woven black agrotextile Woven white agrotextile Woven agrotextile price list of woven agrotextile
Nonwoven agrotextile is made of polypropylene. The textile is characterized by 
  small tensibility, smooth surface and high abrasion resistance.
  Unwoven agrotextile     price list of nonwoven agrotextile


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