Twisted ropes, cords        Natural rope

We produce twisted ropes, cords from the following materials.
  ► natural materials 
      Ropes and cords are four-strand twisted. (click pictures to enlarge)
    ● 100% jute ropes Jute rope Price list
    ● hemp ropes Hemp rope Price list
    ● sisal ropes and coir ropes for cat scratchers  Sisálové lano Price list
  Ropes are note oiled !
  ► natural materials with an artificial core
      Ropes and cords are four-strand twisted with a polypropylene core for more stability.
    ● jute/PP ropes Jute rope Price list
  ►  artificial materials
      Ropes and cords are three-strand twisted. High strength, quite abrasion resistance,  
      chemical resistance, UV resistance.
    ● PES rope - Power Rope - Gym Rope Rope - Power Ball Price list
      the 40 mm diameter PES white twisted rope   
      rope weight: 1,28 kg/m
      exercise equipment
    ● polypropylene (PP)  ropes PP rope Price list
    Ropes float on water.
    Water absorption: 0 %
    Extension: 12 -24 %
    ● polyamide (PAD) ropes PAD rope Price list
      Quite elasticity.
      Water absorption: 8 - 8,5 %
      Extension: 16 - 27 %
Twisted rope end can be in various types: - see the picture ¯  
  - spliced Various twisted rope ends  
  - eye spliced  
  - spliced with a thimble  
  - spliced with a steel ring  


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