Braided cords

We produce two basic types of braided cords: Braided cotds 8 strands
 - without core
  Braided cords without core are hollow cords the 1,5 mm - 10 mm diameters. 8 strands
  The cords are designed in the following possibilities: 16-stands or 8-strands. Braided cotds 16 strands
    The cords are usually one-coloured or colour dotted.  
  Possible colours are: yellow, ecru, orange, pink, red, blew, green, khaki,
  brown, grey, black. 16 strands
- with core Braided cotds 24 strands
  The cord construction - a core and one-coloured or a coloured braiding.
  Jalousie cords are made from PES  in the 1,4 mm, 1,6 mm diameters. 24 strands
  Braided cords with core are round cords made from  polypropylene or   Braided cotds 48 strands
  polyamide from the 2 mm to 18 mm diameters.
  We produce reflective polyester avalanche cords  in the 1,9 mm diameter
  in various colours.
Braided ropes are stronger - see Braided ropes.
  48 strands
We produce braided cords according to your needs.  (click pictures
to enlarge)
  Take your colour choice from our colour palette. Braided cords - colour palette  
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