Lifting slings  Red lifting sling Green lifting sling

We deliver 100% polyester lifting slings with         Back
   -  the 7 : 1 safety coefficient  
   -  the colour coded according to the DIN 61360.  
The lifting slings are made in the following types:  
 - With metal eyes
       - flat (textile) with unthread eyes - the C2 type C2 lifting sling
       - flat  (textile)  with thread eyes - the Cr2 type Cr2 lifting sling
 - with textile eyes  
         - flat (textile) double ply with eyes - the B2 type B2 lifting sling
 - endless textile
         - flat (textile) single ply  - the A2 type A2 lifting sling
 - endless folded
         - folded (unwoven) - the RSK type Lifting slings RSK
            a wrapper is made from a special Opermann fabric 
            with a high level of cut scuff and puncture resistance
         - folded (unwoven) - the RS type RS lifting sling
           simple standard covering  for common use  
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