We deliver hammocks in a variety of sizes for both one person and two
persons. We also produce atypical sizes of hammock within job-order
 - Used material is UV stabilized and water resistanced polypropylene.
 - The net cord diameter ensures sufficient capacity and a low extension,
   so a long useful life.
 - Around the hammock net perimeter is spliced a cord to facilitate the
    slack set-up of the hammock.
 - Both ends of the hammock net are sliced to steel rings for the 6 mm net
   cord diameter. The 3 mm net cord diameter holding you can see
   in the picture.  70 cm PP hammock holding (click the picture to enlarge)
 - It is possible to buy carabiners to make easier taking the hammock down.
 - It is possible to ask for a colour or a colour combination.
 - Possible colours of hammocks:
6 mm cord net diameter  blew   red   green   khaki   ecru  
3 mm cord net diameter blew   red   green   orange   yellow  

Price list  - prices including 21% VAT
Hammock pictures
(click pictures to enlarge)
spreader bar
70 cm PP green hammock beech 3 70 x 180 17,78
80 cm red hammock80 cm blew hammock beech 6 80 x 210 29,26
100 cm hammock beech 6 100 x 210 51,85
140 cm hammock beech 6 140 x 250 81,48






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